Association Dues



Dear Oakleigh III Neighbors,

It is time to ask all of our homeowners to renew their membership in the Oakleigh III Neighborhood Association.  Our dues remain a bargain at only $80 per year.

The Oakleigh III Neighborhood Association is a voluntary group formed to work actively in guiding our neighborhood and maintaining our property values.  I have included the financial statement. Your annual dues are used to:

  • maintain our landscaping at the Belfort and Featherleigh entrances as well as along the Poplar Avenue frontage strip.  This maintenance includes mowing, edging, feeding, tree maintenance and leaf removal.
  • plant annual flowers in the spring and fall
  • maintain lighting and sprinkler systems at entrances including utility costs
  • provide holiday lighting and decorations at our entrances 
  • subsidize the Annual Neighborhood Dinner Meeting, Fall Fest, Easter Egg Hunt, New Neighbors Brunch, Garage Sale, etc.
  • provide a Neighborhood Directory to all homeowners
  • provide an Oakleigh III welcoming packet to new homeowners.

The Board works diligently to manage your funds wisely and carefully, but we cannot do it without homeowner participation.  We depend on everyone sharing the financial burden because our expenses tend to become quite significant over the course of the year.

Please feel free to contact any Board member if you have specific questions about our finances or budget or any suggestions on how your Board can better serve our neighborhood. We welcome your input and participation. 

Most communication to the homeowners is made via email,  We also have a web site and on Facebook at:  Oakleigh 3 Neighborhood Association

Thank you,

Mike Glenn, President

January 15, 2020

OAKLEIGH III Annual Dues for 2020


Remit to:

Oakleigh III Neighborhood Association

P.O. Box 382474

Germantown, TN 38183-2474*

*This is the correct zip code